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This made me so happy

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David Pereira by Bertil Nilsson

Francisco Lachowski for H&M Lookbook Summer 2014

”It’s funny how i thoughtI was good at hiding myfellings, but then strangersstarted asking me what waswrong and why I looked sotired and that’s when I realized you didn’t care enough to notice”By: Simone // relhavant

SSB4Dojo’s Roster
Well here it is folks, the new roster.  Sakurai is blowing all expectations out of the water and time for me to give in with my roster size.  This is a large roster but let me explain how/why things are the way they are and how I get to 55 and why.
First, why 55? This mostly comes from the 3DS version having 4 rows (Yes, my roster does not showcase 4 rows) and there being the possibility then of 14 rows of 4 for 56 spots.  One spot becomes the random spot getting to 55.  Now how did I get up to 55.
So on the left, we have the confirmed characters.  Red borders means that the character is a newcomer.  I have reluctantly split Mii Fighter up into the three parts.  Sakurai’s post today mentioned how the different spots were given to characters with different abilities.  This makes me think that Mii Fighter will be split into the three characters as separate roster spots which does add 2 extra spots.  This creates 38 spots which are taken by the currently new characters and 13 newcomers (3 being the Miis)
The next column are the Brawl vets.  These are the ones that I just can’t see being gone.  Maybe you have Wolf take Falco’s place or Lucas taking Ness (which is less likely imo) or in a longer shot having M2 or another Pokemon take Jiggles place but I think these 8 veterans will grace us with their presence for another game.  Mr. Game and Watch has already been teased as well so it would really be bad if that is all he was.
The next column are the 3 more questionable characters.  I think all three are likely to go and likely to stay but with Sakurai liking original move sets and Sakurai showing clones are back, all of them are in the roster.  Wolf adds the villain, Lucas keeps the second Mother spot and ROB brings back his extremely unique move set.  Hopefully an update or two might help differentiate Wolf and Lucas more.
Now on to the last column, the 6 newcomers.  
Dixie Kong - This is still a tight one between her and King K.Rool and if either one makes it, I would be thrilled to have either.  DK series has grown a lot in the past couple years and Dixie is part of the resurgence of Kong but we all have a spot in our hearts for King K.Rool and bringing him back would be great for the more retro feel of the DK series.  Either way, Sakurai can’t go wrong.
Ridley - Sakurai still has yet to officially say what Ridley is, except that he is in Sm4sh.  Ridley is the only character to me that makes sense as a new addition from the Metroid series after Dark Samus became an assist as any other playable character from Metroid would just feel like, why is it not Ridley?  This series needs to grow and I hope it happens.
Krystal -  With how Sakurai has been building his roster, he seems to like the ladies and Krystal would be another great addition.  She has a staff as well and would use it differently in comparison to Palutena.  As much as I have been against the trio of clones that are part of her series, I think it would be similar to Fire Emblem, three pure swordsman and a magic user and here three blaster users and a staff wielder.
Isaac - He is the second best option for an assist to promote himself to playable after Little Mac.  Isaac would have an incredible moveset with Psynergy and even the Djinn, the options are endless with what could be.  His name being Robin is not a problem in Japan because our Robin (from FE) has the name of Reflet in Japan.  
Shulk - From Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk is the most requested character in Japan and seems likely.  I have been watching some let’s plays of the game and I am starting to understand why people wanted him in the game.  Unlike other pure swordsmen, there are other powers he is able to bring to the table.
Dark Pit - With Lucina joining the fight and Dark Pit seemingly being given a raised status of some sort with the end of the Palutena trailer, it is possible for him to be a clone of Pit.  My preference is that Dark Pit will use separate weapons from Pit choosing from Palms to Staves to Cannons as a way to try and give variety against Pit’s normal move set.  All of the known colors so far for Pit have been of the lighter spectrum allow Dark Pit to have the darker colors.  The potential is there but one dark alt for Pit and Dark Pit can kiss his uniqueness good bye.
So that is how I get to 55 characters.   This means we will have 19 (3 Mii Fighters) newcomers and the only cuts from Brawl will be Snake, Squirtle and Ivysaur.  Time will tell how fast this roster is wrong, we are bound to see things that were unexpected but if this were to be the final roster, I would actually be extremely ready to play some Sm4sh.

the deeper you go the bluer the water gets

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